What’s Holding Me Back?

I don’t know.

I’m self sufficient and I’m longing.
I am willing to take risks and I’m hesitant.
I didn’t signed up for that and yet I signed up for another.

I was not sure from the start. I was nervous but I got no expectations. You looked weird, very cautious.

I was not sure from the start. I was nervous but I got no expectations.Β You looked great, very cheerful.

I never thought this can continue to the point I lost myself to you.

I never imagine this can continue and thinking that this will not work.

I was selfish in both ways.

So what’s holding me back? I should try, give chance, and enjoy the moment. I pray, one day I wake up with courage to face them both.

Mini-Bucket List

Before my upcoming milestone, I have a few things in my list that I want to be fulfilled. My plans for this year are not going well. Somehow, heading into different direction. 

For the meantime, since I don’t have control over the events upon my transition, I need to fulfill minor items before it. 

  1. Have a drink at Finders Keepers. 
  2. Attend one local festival. So my best shot is Pahiyas. 

(Not So) Kaiten Zushi

Suddenly, office friends wanted to lunch out at Genki Sushi. Finally, I will be able to cross out my cravings for it. 

My default sushi choice is salmon. I had the following:Genki Roll and Salmon Roll

Salmon Belly

And since I got an experience with kaiten-zushi in Japan, (my personal record was 10 plates) I was worried that my bill would be too pricy. So I decided to order a rice bowl. 

But after this, I was so full. There are so many meat included in the meal. 

The food is good. I think I need to go back to try other sushi. Brings back my memories of Japan. One thing I noticed is that the sushi does not really roam around on a conveyer belt. All plates should be ordered. Well maybe to keep it fresh. 

My friend ordered this ice cream. It is so good. Haha. Biased since it is strawberry. 

The aftermath on our table…


PG mode, pero sa isip ko lang. Dahil di naman ako kumakain ng mga ito, I have self-control and especially I got no budget for these.

Pero sa araw-araw, naiisip ko, gusto ko kumain ng ganito:

  • authentic na Nasi Lemak
  • lasagna galing sa The House of Lasagna
  • authentic ramen
  • sushi!!!!
  • Pad Thai
  • ung matcha churros sa La Lola

Sa tingin ko marami pa ‘to, pero di ko na maalala. πŸ™‚

Install Megaranger

I just finished watching Megaranger last month.
Thanks to TV-Nihon for finishing this project. I’ve been waiting for so long to finish this series.

So far, this is my most favorite Sentai in the 90’s. The elements are there, funny characters and good storyline, mix of witty lines and dark scenes. And it’s about digital space so looking at things before, looks really cool.


I wonder how a fighting program fit in a floppy disk.


Even in a pinch.


There is also an English version of the opening song.

What is shocking is that their view of religion is out of way in this series. This is a kids’ show. πŸ™‚



I’m glad that the Megaranger guys are back to their normal lives at the finale. *spoiler*

I will miss this series.

Dreams – 20160129

Since this is a very late post, I cannot remember in detail what the exact scenes I dreamt of last January 29.

These are the things that I remember :
I was in a airport waiting for my baggage from the conveyer. And I bumped into some OneRepublic fans.
Eventually, I felt that I was in New York. I knew in my head that it was New York even if I didn’t recognize any landmark.
I met OneRepublic face to face. Greeted them, had a selfie and was on the front row in a concert.

It was such a good morning when I woke up. πŸ™‚