Topic #230 from The Daily Post
Make up a word and its definition

Whew! I am behind of my daily posts because of this topic.

Anyway, I searched my Facebook status history, in the case that I posted some word I can use here. Fortunately, I got only one from so many posts that I had. So here it is (sorry, if this may not be fun for you).

caldekare, noun
1.  a portmanteau of caldereta, or Filipino beef stew, and kare-kare, or Filipino oxtail and vegetable stew
2. a dish that looks like a caldereta but tastes like a kare-kare


I remember this one, when my mother served for lunch. I am sure she did not cook it cause I know her recipe. She just bought it on a food store because she was unable to cook that day. She told me it was caldereta. Yes, it was technically a caldereta, it has beef, potato chunks… but its sauce, it tasted like peanut, sweet. Since one of my favorite dish is kare-kare, I enjoyed eating it but still the feeling is different since it has no vegetables in it. 🙂


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